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Rizhao Jianchuang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is an new furniture with enterprise integrating design, production and sales, is a powerful product quality control and supply system and a leading internet sales platform.

Rizhao Jianchuang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is the factory established by Tianjin Zhongheng International Trade Co., Ltd with an investment of 20 million in Shandong,China.

Seven unconventional restaurant setting s...

Option 1: Dining area in the corner of the kitchen If the kitchen still has such a small corner, it can be used as a dining area. As shown in the picture, the design of this kitchen dining area is great! The design of wall color, wall-mounted small dining cabinet and small chandeliers make the di...

Is rubber wood furniture good?

One,What is rubber wood Rubber wood is a kind of tree that produces rubber latex, which is mostly produced in the subtropical zone. This rubber wood is by no means oak. You must ask clearly when buying furniture. Some unscrupulous merchants may confuse this concept. After the rubber wood is grown...

What are the classification of plates

1. Plywood Plywood is one of the classifications of sheet furniture. The plywood is made of three or more layers of one-millimeter-thick veneer or thin-plate adhesive tape by hot pressing. It is currently the most commonly used material for handmade furniture. The splint not only has all the adva...

Tips for cleaning furniture in life

In life, every time I will clean up the things at home, commonly known as sweeping. But there are always some incurable diseases that make it difficult for us to clean up. Don’t be afraid. Today I will share with you some tips on cleaning up the furniture at home. 1. The white furniture is dirty,...

What design ideas does the new Chinese st...

“Conceptual design” means that after the task is determined, the functional structure is drawn through abstraction, the appropriate action principle and combination are sought, the basic solution path is determined, and the solution is obtained. This part of the work is called concept...